MUMCOR TEXTIL S.L is a young and dynamic company, whose business focuses on marketing and production of knitting and flat weave, which is located in Argentona (Barcelona). The company specializes in the design and production of fabrics aimed at fashion for men, women, youth, our product is characterized by modern and quality to cover the demands of market competitiveness. Our work philosophy begins channeling information on the latest trends to design a breakthrough product. We have a team of specialists dedicated at the manufacturing control for optimum quality in the production process. Our company also highlights interest and concern for analyzing market requirements to get adjusted as much as possible to the requirements thereof.

MUMCOR TEXTIL S.L counts with an a specialized team aimed to design and manufacture samples which performs technological monitoring of fashion trends to mark the new season (textures, colorful, structures) and to achieve it,  we travel to major fairs and parades, specialized shops, constantly making international travel, also investing on international consulting fashion websites and following very closely those blogs and online portals with more influence, all with the aim of being constantly innovating new qualities in knitting.

In MUMCOR TEXTIL S.L we also work with graphic design department, with the ability to offer sublimation developments tailored to customer needs and latest trendy prints and being able to provide service in a few hours, and with the machinery needed to provide fabric samples with the same agility.